Michelle Chauvin - Dishonest Henderson Nevada Realtor

Chesterfield, Missouri 3 comments

Avoid Michelle Chauvin, Broker Realtor of i Realty Properties Henderson, Nevada.

This dishonest realtor accepted a 5% listing agreement on my house in 2005 that was appraised at

$600,000 free and clear. She originally wanted a 6% commission. She put her real estate sign on my

front lawn during the hot real estate market of 2005 and when buyers called on my property, she took

them to where she could get her 6% commission and blew the hot real estate market for me before the

real estate crash. Other realtors did the same thing. I was told by another realtor that if I wanted to sell my house I had to pay 6%. I didn't listen to him, because I had a signed binding real estate contract. True to his word, my house was the only house that didnt' sell. After the real estate crash, my house was worth $317,000. It took me six years to figure out what Michelle Chauvin did to me. This caused a financial disaster for me. Never trust a realtor. I ended up in a reverse mortgage which has eaten up

hundreds of thousands of dollars of my money. I am trying to get out of this reverse mortgage.



P.S. hold your head up.you will get through this!


shame on them if true but believe me all Realtors are NOT the same.Don't let one bad apple ruin it for all.Some do earn a honest living and not money hungry!!!!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #636267

I Realty Properties is located on St. Rose Parkway, Henderson,

Nevada.You have Chesterfield, Missouri.

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